Lyrics to Torn Apart
Torn Apart Video:
Confetti fallin' out on loser's lane
I guess it must be New Year's Day
You're standing outside of the 3b
If you're waitin' for someone, i hope it ain't me
We lived between the dancing sign and the dirty floor
But that little bar ain't around no more
They let the wrecking ball swing and watched the damage start
And the whole damn place got torn apart

You been spittin' out nails and knockin' back whiskey
You got a new tattoo, it says that you don't miss me
Your little highwire act makes me so bored i'll choke
If everybody's laughin, honey, you're the joke
So you stare out your window and watch the rain come down
Another Friday night, nobody else around
Just a bad idea and a broken heart
Your little world gettin' torn apart

You been burnin' up days from morning 'til midnight
Tellin' strangers that everything is alright
But i seen you leaning on the graveyard fence
You looked like you could use some rest
Hey, everybody wants to see that smile
So maybe you oughta shut your mouth a while
Go find another lover and a brand new start
And get out before you get torn apart
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