Lyrics to Torch Song
Torch Song Video:
this is the passing of the torch
oops, you dropped it, that's okay
everyone was looking the other way
they won't realize its no longer lit
until they read about it
looks like you put it out
no problem, we'll light another one

what's that? you lost it?
you replaced it?
what you have in your hand
won't warm your heart
it won't light a fire
it wont illuminate the path we have to take
call it a torch or any other name
but it's still fake

this is the passing of the torch
oh, you sold it? that's funny
they got it and you didn't get any cash
you sold it for nothing good thinking
quit smoking, shut up and save your breath
to fan the flame
we'll have to make we'll create
we'll light another one

that's the beauty of fire
like water it cannot be sold
it resists control
natural, ephemeral, fleeting
it cannot be contained
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