Lyrics to Top Notch

Not nann' bitch in the world look like this (Nann’)
G5, hair wrapped up, pop a iced bottle of the Cris (Cris, ah)
Bitch, I was really broke, fuck I look like tryna go and diss? (Fuck I look like?)
Fuck I look like sendin' shots and not makin' every hit? (Huh?)
Bitches gettin’ shit confused, go and check the news
Pussy real tight, got a good squish
Fat lips only, got no lisp, big AP on small wrist
Coulda paid for it but I rather him (Yep)
Bitch, I'm on ten, keep the lights dim
Top notch bitch, far from a den (Bitch)

Yeah, look, step in the buildin', I walk through the
She get wet when I talk to her
It's probably me and four shooters
Every bitch that I'm meetin', they all knew us
Every nigga you run with is all losers
All this icе on my wrist, we all jewelеrs
Bust a move and I'm orderin' more movers
(Bust a move and I’m orderin’ more movers)
Ha, woo, woo, yeah, yeah, look
I get the drill done (Ha)
You niggas gon' make me drill somethin’
Another nigga dead and I don't feel nothin' (Brrd, baow)
Yeah, look, my niggas will pull up and kill somethin'
This is not a movie, this is real guns
(This is not a movie, we got real guns)
Huh, hop in the V, go to the hood and the topic is me
When I was down, I was broke but i told ’em
I knew I'd be rich by the top of the week
Niggas is talkin' 'bout we alike
I'm like "Nah, nigga, you just copyin' me"
Boy, i been outside for a long time
Pussy, you just got in the streets (Aye, Aye, City Girls shit)

Yeah, say you gotta pay for this (Nigga, fuck you thought?)
Say you gotta pay for this, ain't no free nuts
Nigga better get his cheese up
Suck the pussy like a freeze cup
Eat it while I hold my knees up (JT)
I just got my hair did to shit on hoes like it's a hobby (Yeah)
Every bitch that hate on me got an ugly face and a botched body (Hahaha)
I ain't goin' there, that's an opp party (Nah)
I'm a bad bitch, I'm a Black Barbie
Any nigga I call "bro," they fuck bitches and catch bodies
Ain't no more play time, they like "Cut the lights" it's daytime
I told my nigga he better act right
'Cause to fuck with me, it's a wait line
Bitch better move when I come through
Fine, short thick shit, I'm like 5'2''
Don't wanna kick it or I don't wanna be cool
Beefin' with who? Bitch, I don't know you
I don't cock block or cop pleas
I'm the baddest bitch on your news feed
Y'all got spin, but who the newsfeed?
(Y'all got spin, but who the newsfeed?)
I'm in the sky box, you in the nose bleeds
Fly bitches need privacy
Shy nigga say "Hi" to me, broke boys say "Bye" to me