Top Notch Gangstas (Remix) Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 2: The Remixes

Lyrics to Top Notch Gangstas (Remix)
Top Notch Gangstas (Remix) Video:
[feat. Mike Knox & Louie Castro]

[Mike Knox:]
You ain't gotta do no more shooting now baby

[Chorus: Louie Castro]
I'm a top notch gangsta you know where to find me
Deep in the streets yay know I'm out grinding
H boy shit drive by with a 100 clips
Blast me a chest nothing left but a hollow tip

[Mike Knox:]
I'm in the city ridin round with the strap on my lap
2 vests on my back with a bulletproof hat
I'm for the day time action
Shooting at your captain
Glcok full of gun smoke all you is wheel movin
In the jet cruising, this is how we do shit
Peek a boo your whole strip
Everybody gettin hit
Hoodies on till we switch
Never caught up in the mix
In the club with the blick, 4 pound hit a dick
Laughin at you fuck boys
We can do it inside if you want you better duck boy
Security be bitching cause I'm about my buisness
A bottle of zay over ya head he need stitches
They banned me from the club, but I don't give a fuck
I'd rathe hit the bar in the hood and buy the liquor up
They see trouble follow me so my guns on me
I'm like monster from brooklyn I'm in these streets


[Tony Yayo:]
4-10 nigga, I go gun ho
I make it hot like mama baptist gumbo
No hours immune to the violence
Wake up to the gun shot you never hear silence
In the ghetto everybody knock each other
I guess cause they live top each other
Got the llama for the drama
Pits might lock on your leg
Groupies on stage lil mama vma's
White mazi, police racist like them white nazi's
Shooters on your car like paparazzi
Flash bang hit, you don't bang bitch
Camaro, red bullet I come spray shit
Philly niggaz here they shoot at cops
I'm in the balance with beans and knox
With a half a pound of sour, pockets full of knots
My louie jeans, is full of that guap

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