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Yung Trill

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Lyrics to Top 8 On Myspace
Top 8 On Myspace Video:
Yung Trill: Ayeee!!! Yung Trill (aye) Crunk Squad Entertainment!!! Yuh (Lets do it nigga) Ayeee!!! Top 8 on myspace
I made da top 8 (top 8)
on shawty's myspace (myspace)
stay up all tonight (all tonight)
to space (to space)
we gon kick it like Jordans, Air force 1's, or Bapes at my place (my place)
my place (my place)
(Repeat 2x)

[Verse 1]
So I'm up, up on da myspace browsin' all thru
came across a dyme ass chick dat happens to be you
I typed in whats yo name as I added her as my friend
she replied and appoved me so I know I'm in it big
I said my name is Trill (Trill)
but you can call me Daz (Daz)
she say I keep it real (real)
and plus I gotta ass (ass)
I said I can tell by ya pictures dat baby gurl you ain't lyin'
I bet ya got dem hataz on da ground just dyin'
shawty you da truth, da best I eva seen
if I'm really gettin' lucky maybe get down on my team
just let me know shawty what you really really thank
I ain't a broke nigga I got money in da bank
so shawty wussup (sup), what you really wanna do
you lookin' pretty good and I want some of you
and I'm gettin' kinda sleepy cuz its kinda late
but before I go please put me in yo top 8


[Verse 2]
Da next day as I just hopped up online (line)
I gotta message from her dat just blew up my mind (mind)
I had a smile on my face (face)
wildn'out up in da place (place)
scratchin' all up in my head
wonderin' what da message said
how you doin' baby boy you really fine and cute
gettin' up wit me yeah I know dats what you tryna do
so I'm wonderin' what you doin' all dis weekend
would it bother you if you would come and see me
now shawty truley is really gettin' to me
I ain't feelin' stupid I'm hit by cupid
could it be Yung Trill gotta brown skin beauty
just one of a kind and she gotta big booty
she much mo' den a dyme
tellin' you she is fine
Aquarius is her sign
and she is all mine
when it comes to us, I'm da one datz hot
just call me Luda comin' fo' da numba 1 spot

(Repeat 4x)

(Thanks to Yung Trill for these lyrics)
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