Lyrics to Top 40
Top 40 Video:
[Kim and Julie]
Pop singer makes me week in the knees
With his catchy riffs and sweet harmonies
When he sings, ooh baby please, I wanna,
Sink my teeth into his melodies
[He's a top 40 tease
Top 40 sleaze
He's a top 40 tease
Top 40 cheese
He's a top 40 tease
Top 40 sleaze
He whispers secrets,
Just for me to hear
Fake competence is meant
For just my ears
Sly references meant
For just my ears]
Nobody understands me,
quite like you do
You're the only one
I ever knew
He would love me,
I can tell
'Cos he is deeper,
than any well
Radio helped him,
Cast a spell
And now, I would follow him
Straight to Hell
Won't you stop, Don't you stop,
teasin' me?
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