Lyrics to Toothache
Toothache Video:
The Who-Dey

I would take the pain away

people think that I'm down and out
just because of this damn tooth ache,
well just I'm gonna tell you now
I'm coming at cha harder than an earthquake (yeah)
you think I'm done with this game
just because of all this pain, (pain)
well guess what,
I'm out here on pure heart still making it rain (still making it rain)
I'm here rapping, telling everyone I'm still not done, (still not done)
and when it comes to spitting my game, I am second to none (second to none)
I'm still standing, just being the best that I can be,
Just sit back I got some money to make, CC hit me


two weeks down, and my tooth is getting worse,
doc says within a month I'll be riding the hearse
but I gotta stay positive (and don't ever falter)
cause I got a spirit that no man (in this world can alter)
and I know that when the night comes to a dawn
everything will be alright the pain will be gone
Spit hot fire


When you got your mouth wired shut
You get that sick feeling in your gut
Sometimes it can be just enough
To make you reach over for that gun
Pull the trigger all the pain is done
There's no more need to try to run
From the suffering that had just begun
I wonder if my life is really done
As I sit and look (look)
at my gun
Then I lay and think (think)
on my bed
Is it a dream going through my head
Is that soul of mine already dead (dead)
But if you can make it though the pain
And still survive in the rap game
no one can put you to shame
No one can ever call you lame
Cause the hurt of a tooth ache
is enough to make your roof shake
it can be a real douche bag
When you're trying to chew steak
or trying to eat a few crepes
That's exactly what pooch hates
that's why he's rapping with The Who-Dey
Because his tooth ache today
I don't know what to say
but hey, look at the bright side
shoot the gun and when you die
no more need to cry,
the pain will all subside


I know I cant take it, I know I cant fake it,
I try to find relief but I can't seem to shake it,
The pain has consumed me, there's no way to mistake it
It feels like a knife is jabbed through my jaw
Like someone is cutting my mouth with a saw
I feel that I'm just gonna let it go
But I can't let that show
So I'm just gonna end it
cuz there's just no way to mend it,
now im lookin down my glock,
and time seems to have stopped,
my life flashes before my eyes,
I know that im about to fly
away into the sky
Now I'm saying goodbye one last time
To the pain that I am leaving behind

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