Lyrics to Tooth And Nail
Tooth And Nail Video:
The mindless trash just seems to grow
Unquestioning acceptance and it's getting old
There's no place here for any religion
No place for simple answers and pre-made decisions
Try to look reality straight in the eye
And watch religion become this scenes demise
I can't sit back and watch this rise
Brainwashed sheep in a rebellious disguise

No you wont go unchallenged
There's no such thing as simple answers
And what makes you think you have some kind of goddamn insight

This is a war so pick your side
No middle ground, no I can't decide
No compromise till the plague is dead
Got to start using that brain in your head
This is about questioning, living, and learning
Making decisions with your own mind
Not about preaching an unproven gospel
Or blindly following and wasting out time

Cause we're the sinners
We're the weak that don't believe
More like we're the strong
Able to thing not be deceived
By a book of nothing
Wake up and be saved!!!
This is you fucking salvation
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