Too Young To Go Steady Lyrics

John Coltrane

Coltrane For Lovers

Lyrics to Too Young To Go Steady
Too Young To Go Steady Video:
Too young to go steady, too young
I hear him (her) say
He (she) says I'm (we're) not ready
But then why am I (are we) feeling this way?

Too young so he (she) tells me
He (she) says we'll have to wait
Why wait till it may be too late?

Can't he (she) realize he (she) drive me wild
Is he (she) made of stone?
Must he (she) always treat me (act just) like a child?

Won't he (she) ever own up
I'm (we're) grown up?
Some day he'll (she'll) be sorry
Some day just wait and see
He'll (she'll) wish he'd (she'd) gone steady with me!
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