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Grand Imperial

Lyrics to Too to The Max
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Aceyalone, Aceyalone
Let the world know

I'm tight, I'm raw
I'm the baddest motherfucker that I ever saw
I'm cold winter flow like snow icerberg
with the word, nigga that's not all
I'm live, and I serve
I'm the dopest motherfucker that I ever heard
I'm too to the max got facts and I know the haps
But I'm so disturbed

If it wasn't for this hip-hop holdin me down
I'd probably be found runnin 'round the town like a maniac
Aimin at you niggaz but I'm glad it never came to that
Grimey y'all 'til they climbin up the wall
Outlaw, pullin at the brick of insanity y'all
I won't call, cue on one on two
I'm on you like a cheap suit
To the ground like a deep root, I need my medication
I feel sick, I still get chills
My thoughts moves a hundred miles an hour with nobody at the wheel
And that's for real
I'll probably make a miracle before I make a mill'


You want to hold me, but I won't let you
I'll bet you the world that you can't defeat me
It's easier said than done, please believe me
And that part's easy, but here's where it gets
A little more complicate whenever we spit
The torch get lit, full force hit
You're fallin off your high horse into horseshit
Hear the cries, fire in the skies
Pyrotechnics, windows have eyes
What a pleasant surprise, everybody dies
The killer got a wig, yeah he covered up he lies
He's so fly, but he's insane

[Chorus x2]
Songwriters: HAYES, EDWIN M. JR. / MORGAN Z,
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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