Lyrics to Too Quick
Too Quick Video:
I rep The Who-Dey, I'm known as the Shmack Attack
The fact that I aint black keeps my listeners jacked
They can't believe what I spit, they expect my hits to be flat
I say surprise, bitch, you just got lyrically smacked
If you don't consider me real, you're too quick to judge me
Just cause I don't pack heat don't mean don't you cant start to love me
You just gotta buy into the rhymes I drop, its crazy
Say I aint hard, I aint a gangster, it don't phase me
I know I can spit, I just got the natural ability in me
They hear my hits and all they can show is envy
They wanna end me, they wanna be anything but friendly
Most won't collab because I make their brains look empty
When I'm compared to the best, the resemblance is eerie
Only the real MC's see I'm real and they feel me
I may be a 15 white boy nerd from the suburbs
But forget it, when I'm spittin words your memorized by my verse

Packing rhymes toting lines no guns needed to shine
G's of poetry, the ability to free your mind
Don't gotta be a thug to be hot
We aint fake just cause we don't wanna get shot
We rap for a purpose to get a message across
We don't act hard and we don't claim to be the boss
You say we're not legit, we say you can never touch
But just listen to us spit, and don't be too quick to judge

tee's back and I got a lot to pack
some think this is simple for me just cuz i'm half black
all these words just come easily to my mind,
you're gonna get hurt cuz i'm so lyricly inclined
never mind, all the shit that you say
cuz when I hit the mic you best step out of the way
this is madness
who would've thought that the a girl like myself
could pick up a pen and paper and create words that sell
blow you on your ass so that you can't get up
feel the sensation tinglin like a volcano about to erupt
don't judge me or my band
we'll throw shit at you that you may not understand
so go back to school, you're all a bunch of fakes
get a dictionary or come after school and see Mrs. Drake
don't be lame and don't be absurd
i'll make you cry like Tina with these powerful words


There are no requirements to be a great lyricist
The only thing you need is some heart and fearlessness
My words are real, I don't even have to boast
I know I can go anywhere, without toast
people try to hurt me and call me fake but I aint changed
I am who I am so what if I'm a bit deranged
your insults are an uzi trying to rip through me
but my heart is like teflon they will never subdue me
when people say I'm too white to rap, I'm all smiles
I just answer right back and exercise my lyrical styles
As I pile on the lines of rhymes, you realize I'm shinin
You wanna judge me, fine,, cause I know my shine is blinding
my lines alone could bring a kingdom to the ground,
my words are the ammunition, and here comes another round
I'm reloaded, got my jaw cocked back ready to fire,
but these words wont hurt they'll only inspire

Instead of a bullet
Shot through the chest
We chose to use your lyrics
To impress
You can love us or hate us,
but you can't ignore us
So one last time,
take it to the chorus

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