Lyrics to Too Much
Too Much Video:
Got to have it
It's like a shockwave to my brain
To get it together
I have a head full to explain
It gives me funny feeling
I gotta find out if it's true
I'll give you the answer baby
I don't know what were going through

It's too much (2x)

It's too much this kind of love
For the first time
For the first time
It's way too much this kind of love
Now the last time
Now the last time

When you read my body
Can you touch my mind?
Will we make it happen
Each and every time?

To say it doesn't happen
The lighting struck twice
First one got me hot
The next was cold but nice

Push me to the brim
And fill me to the brink
I got for sure
I can't think
It's too much


(Can't say what I feel)

Can't say
Can't say what it is
If I say what I feel
It's too much (3x)


(The way I feel about you it's too much)
Songwriters: Wiles, Adam / Sellards, Jason / Minogue, Kylie
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, CHRYSALIS MUSIC GROUP
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