Too Late To Fixate Lyrics

Conor Oberst


Lyrics to Too Late To Fixate
Too Late To Fixate Video:
Tried some bad meditation
Sittin' up in the dark
They say to picture an island
Cuz that's one place to start
I guess I could count my blessings
I don't sleep in the park
With all my earthly possessions
In one old shopping cart

No, I'm up in the penthouse
On a big feather bed
Is it too late to fixate
On that instead

My wife takes a vacation
One she can't afford
I go fishin' the alleys
For someone to escort
No, I don't mind the money
It beats betting on sports
And though it might get expensive
It's cheaper than divorce

And I love her torn stockings
And her lipstick of red
Is it too late to fixate
On her instead

You know you're my favorite
She says when we're through
Some parts are off limits
But I'd give them to you

Where the hell was Dock Ellis
When I gave up that hit
Where was Timothy Leary
When reality bit
Who's the new Dalai Lama
That shy little kid
With no room in his body
Where a stranger could live

I can't blame him for dreamin'
He'll sleep when he's dead
Is it too late to fixate
On that instead
Is it too late to fixate
On that instead
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