Too Jesusy Lyrics

Stephen Lynch


Lyrics to Too Jesusy
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Oh baby, you were such a tease
Only get down on your knees to pray
To pray
And something in your Bible says
Not to let me share your bed today

Oh, now I see
That you turned out to be
Too Jesusy for me

Our life was filled with sexy and kink
Cigarettes and weed, and drink and beer
And beer
Now it's Bible verse and Bible class
And Bible shove it up your arse, my dear
My dear

'Cause you and me
Plus Jesus makes three
That's too Jesusy for me

You and I are through
Can I please get an Amen?
'Cause I got bored with you
When you got all born again

I'm sick of hearing about that guy
His magic kingdom in the sky above
So take that precious cross you wear
And give yourself a Linda Blair, my love
My love

If Jesus were me
Even he would agree
You're too Jesusy for me, for me
Too Jesusy for me
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