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Lyrics to Too Cool For Melissa
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I see her face, it makes me cream
That's what I do to her in dreams
But she's so cool, too cool for me
But I'm cooler in all my dreams, in all my dreams

Her friends are rich but I am not
They go to clubs and I do not
But in my dreams I dominate
In dreams she loves what I donate, and I donate!

I'd comb my hair, I'm wash it too and put it in a parting...
"Don't think so"
I guess I'd go to clubs for you and buy you every round...
"Don't think so"
I'd even wear the latest brands and buy expenise scents...
"Don't think so"
Oh well, nevermind...

She wears make up that's very thick
My best friend says she won't suck dick
She only dates guys with nicknames
But I don't care cos in my dreams she calls me 'stud'

I would sit around and talk about sports to make me a man
"Don't think so"
I would take you out to restaurants and always pay the bill
"Don't think so"
"You're a nasty little punky loner loser ugly nerd"
Don't think so
Cos in my dreams, you love me true

In my head you fellate me and beg me more for me
I think so
And you dress up in pigtails and little skirts to get me hot
I think so
And you talk about how cool I am, much cooler than you are
I think so
I'm cool enough in dreams

I'm too cool for you, I'm too cool for you
I'm too cool for you, I'm too cool for you
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