Lyrics to Tonight
Tonight Video:
every morning when you wake me up
to leave and say your goodbye's
I wanna run with my only one
and find a better place to hide
your momma doesn't seem to approve
and your daddy never will
and if he knew about me and you
he would probably have me killed
so we sneak around
'cause your not allowed to see me
and our little town that keeps us down
makes it hard for this to breathe
so I'm asking you to follow through
with all the plans we made
the time has come my little one

If we leave tonight
we'll chase a sunset through the sky
bring these dreams to life
'cause I need you more than I can describe
my hands are tied
please just leave with me tonight

I've been saving every dime
waiting for this very time
to cross that county line
oh can't you see?
we're so many miles away
from where we should be
what we could be
I'm tired of the lying
we shouldn't have to worry
every time I go to pick you up
I'm always Julie or Mary, whatever you call me
now I'm not promising the world
just a chance to rise above
I don't care where we end up
'cause everything's better when we are together my love

it's about to change
the open road has called our names
a happy ending
with a new beginning
so pack your bags and all your things
we'll be driving til the songbird sings
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