Lyrics to Tonight
Tonight Video:
Hey girl
I know things have crumbled down
In your world
But it all could turn around

I want to show you
How it feels to fall again
Break down defenses
Take your chances

And don't close your eyes
What do you have to lose?
When what you're seeking
Is right in front of you

Gave up your heart
Got it back torn in two
So you pick up the pieces
To start over new

No matter how hard I try
I can't seem to get you off my mind
Take your time, but hurry up
Let me help you decide tonight

I can't seem to understand
How you still think about someone
Who doesn't really care

Girl, I know you're hurting
Feel deserted once again
But good intentions
Sucked you right back in

© 2007 First Wave (BMI)
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