Lyrics to Tonight
Tonight Video:
[Music, Lyrics & Vocal Melody by Beto Vazquez]

I hate you
I need you
(I) hate how you play into my mind

You're something
And nothing
only to play with

Sometimes I live in empty darkness
Sometimes I absorb your cold, I like it


I feel despair, you bleed sorrow
Destroyed, and found all over again
I feel you near, dreaming in nightmares

And the nightmare is tonight

[Beto Vazquez: Rhythm Guitars / Bass
Norberto Roman: Drums
Pablo Soler: Lead Guitar
Appears courtesy of Pablo Soler
Master 10 Recording Studios / Argentina
Cristian Bertoncelli: Lead and Backing Vocals
Appears courtesy of Renacer / Icarus Music
Virtual Studios / Argentina]
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