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Mick Flannery

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Lyrics to Tomorrow's Paper
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Go now and be famous, Live up to what we're sayin', You know we only want the best for you in the end. We'll put it on a plate so, You take just what you need to, Come on you know you want it all, you'd die to see to All these riches baby, See all these riches baby, All this gold and silver, All this fame and splendour No sir, I was never meant for Photos for tomorrow's paper, Hey, could you look over here no more. Would I let you down if I said I didn't want it, I've only ever tried to say it straight but now it's Good as your last performance, God help you disappoint us, I love it but it's what you pay to play An' hey, one question for Just one question for Your little heart that's beating Your little heart thats beating; When's it gonna tire of hearing Sad sad songs a playing, Nothing's ever really far from fading out.

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