Lyrics to Tomorrow Never Comes
Tomorrow Never Comes Video:
Let's leave the TV set for dumb
And walk out in the sun
I woke up late this morning
And when I woke so hot
Turn the TV up louder
It can make a big jump to the stars
Your eyes, your mouth, your smile
Now everywhere in my gaze
Maybe you have climbed the mountain
Maybe you can eliminate strange days

I'll watch you shuffle through your city streets
No doubt about who is on their own
No every soul inside your city seems
To be on their own, a long long way from home
Feels like the zone but nowhere to call home

Today is left for dumb
And tomorrow never comes
Did you wake up late this morning
With a halo around your head?
Find yourself on the streets
And wishing to climb back in your bed
The evening squares are filling up
With fallen one-time stars
Maybe if you ask them nicely
They will give their secrets of survival

I watch you suffer on these city streets
No doubt who is in the zone
Don't be deceived because everyone you meet
Is on their own, a long long way from home
People come and go with nowhere to call home
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