Lyrics to Tommys Dub
Tommys Dub Video:
Cant be just another face in the crowd
Just another person, just another frown
But I?m down cause the pointless job that I do
I could sit there and stare till my face might turn blue
working to support all the things I don?t need
working to support my growing greed
what I need is money for my expenses
but being unhappy, damn, that?s expensive

I can not, believe that I got
this summer job last year, now its my career

Sitting at my desk starring blankly outside
as moment after moment of my life tick by
I could cry, as I think of my lost ambitions
as I try to keep my job so I don?t have to dig ditches
I?m stuck in a rut, I?m a human machine
not exactly my idea of the American dream
I could scream and expose all my layers of hate
but sorry I cant cuz I?m already late

Wut do I get for sitting on my ass
everyday at a job that I hate
what I get is shit, I don?t wanna deal with it
moneys not the only thing that makes you great

So wut would make me happy, wut exactly went wrong
I know I?ve been complaining since the intro to this song
I cant even think of a way to say this
the only job I want is to be rich and famous
So go grab a shirt, go buy some CDs
take the extra ones and pass them out please
come and take our picture, hang my poster on your wall
you only bought one, you know you wanna buy em all
responsibility seems to sound so wrong
it took so fuckin long just to write this song
disciplines real good for some people I guess
but for me discipline leads directly to stress
everybody needs some ambition sometimes
but wut if my ambition is to sit and get high
don?t mistake me for an asshole or call me a jerk
cause I?m the only millionaire that never had to work
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