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Lyrics to Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun Video:
Oh man
What are you doing? What are you doing man

Call me a motherfucking loser
But know I don't give a fuck
Tell Zoella that this nigga fucks better than a Lex Steele dick flying in like a firetruck
(What the fuck man)
I'ma care free nigga
Pretty sure my money bigger
Lemme show you better days wid a long dick nigga
(What the fuck)
Now I've said my piece on the matter
I'm ready for chatter my aura getting Badder and badder
But then still, there is not a single man I worship
Nigga going in like Schumacher on a circuit
Knowledge in the verses Anger In the curses
Done with all the people thinking
They're a better person
Clickbaitin' news
Headlining for the pay check
So I'ma tell 'em fuck you
'Cause I'm Done with all fallacies
Why they always @ing me
I'ma kill em all
Like I'm Mickey and the Mallory
Yeah yeah yeah
(Ah shit man, ugh)

Bet you thought I was done nigga
I'ma blow you all away when I'm done nigga
Gold diggers wanna play get fucked nigga
If you don't wanna fuck, don't come nigga
Cause I'm tired of blue balls and dumb calls
Don't give away my number you dumb cunt
I'm like Battlefront, or maybe Battlefield
Either way I'm fucking up the COD cause I'm a better build
I'm like Carl Lewis winning doing track and field
Win in any field
Watch this nigga proceed
Everyday everyday ondele on my way to snatch your day like overtime
Superbowl 51
Taking your number one
I hit like the mafia when shooting the Tommy Gun
This ain't a funny one
Running like Bolt when he hearing the Tommy Gun
Know when I do this I'm aiming everyone
(Jesus Christ man, think we're gonna need to talk about this)
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