Together Against I Lyrics


Faults Of Humanity

Lyrics to Together Against I
Together Against I Video:
React - you reacted
React - you reacted
React - you reacted
React - you reacted

Blind hate is rising in me
My world will never be free
Break down the connection to mind
High tech is killing mankind

Dark side - come out of me
My soul will never be free
Crack down your search for god
Welcome to the suicide squad

Increased infection in human life
Corrupted politics are feeding us lies
The curse of low life, fixed limits
No one will ever get any permits
Buried feelings, emotions unknown
Machines in religion, affliction on throne
Walking with fire fear will be gone
Together against it 'till freedom will come

Revenge sealed in me
My body will never be free
Convicted of human rights
My heart beat is spreading the light

Dark side is now over me
My mind will never be free
Crash down right into hell
Fuck you! You're under my spell
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