Lyrics to Toddler
Toddler Video:
Stop. You shout. It's all a lie. Star motion and one big band..or was it out of nowhere? I am one too. Am I one too? Everyone's control on this poor globe. Circle of rivalry. Where's the sun? Where are we? The answer will come out of nowhere. The day still short. I'm not me. And it's not wrong. And it's not right. Really. Not really. Really wrong or really right? Feel the golden rule. The law of love. Giving flowers in theirgame..feeding the golden rule. The law of love. Freedom of choice has gone to hell. Measure yourlove with those who live. Measure your greed by what you posess (Kill me). Now it's the time. Urgent the need. Gather together. We had learned from our mistakes. Created. Felt pain by those. The words are clear and the message is true. You know it inside. Please don't pretend. Self-conscience and truth to win in the end.

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