Today, Tomorrow And Forever Lyrics

Patsy Cline

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Lyrics to Today, Tomorrow And Forever
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How warm is the love in my heart for youAs warm as the sun in the sky of blueHow long will it shine if you say you're mineToday, tomorrow and foreveroHw strong was my love from the very startHow long will it last in my happy heartHow much would I cry if we'd ever partToday, tomorrow and forever'Cause if you weren't there to share my loveWho cares if the sky should fallFor anyone can see how much you mean to meYou're my life, my love, my very allAnd as long as the tides of the ocean flowAs long as the trees and the flowers growSo long, oh my love, will I love you soToday, tomorrow and forever(Repeat last two verses)TodayTomorrowAnd forever

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