To Victory Or Death Lyrics

Sam Mickens

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Lyrics to To Victory Or Death
To Victory Or Death Video:
I used to dream
About our future we built together
But you fell away
All my friends and lovers
Some lost to madness
Some turned to deceit
And a look of recognition
On every face I meet

When I was younger
Every stroke and every blow was deft
But now my senses fade away
To victory or death
I left the grrl I loved the most
All broken and bereft
Our love now torn
I march forward
To victory or death
I've destroyed so much happiness
There may be nothing left
The path I've paved
The flag I've waved
To victory or death
I look across the sea of faces
Of everyone I've met
Their judgement rings across me (?)
To victory or death
In the pursuit of happiness
There's only one chance left
The marshall called after the fall
To victory or death

To victory or death
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