Lyrics to To the Service
To the Service Video:
Come in and take off your shoes
Make your way down from the masses
In through the halls, through the courts
Into His presence
Wash your feet, wash your hands
Make yourself new for the Glory
And fear the One, fear the One

Are you afraid of Him now?
I've had the best case of
It's coming around
I swear it's coming back around
It's coming around
And it's taking its toll

Push back the stone

When was the last time we all
Prepared for the way
When is the next time we'll fall
In awe by Your nail-scarred hands
And we will watch Your feet touch the ground

We have seen through the depths and through the guards
To the service
So we can lift up our hands and praise the One
Who has saved us
I can finally say
You are worth more than riches or gold to me
Oh can't You see?

And we will worship
Like it's the last time we will
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