Lyrics to To Shreds
To Shreds Video:
People always say we threw our futures down the drain. That's a fucking lie, we never had 'em in the first place. They're dangled in our eyes then ripped to shreds. One million pieces to a puzzle that's already dead. Piece by piece we try to reconstruct, but it's a waste of time cause we're already fucked. We're searching for the pieces on our hands and our knees.

Tear up my future TO SHREDS!!!!! Rip it up, shred it up, its already dead

Kids on the streets cause they dropped out of class. Got tired of being kicked around, treated like an ass. What motivates a kid to get an education? 16 years of hell just for a shitty occupation. Sitting behind a desk all the fucking day. These kids don't wanna live their fucking future this way. It's been shredded before, they'll just shred it again. Why the fuck fight? We won't receive it in the end

Tear up my future TO SHREDS!!!! Rip it up shred it up, its already dead

take my future fucking steal it from me. Shred it up, tear it up, do what you please
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