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Ese Moska

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Lyrics to To Say I Love You
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[Verse 1]
To say i love you is all i wanna do be with you every day you know im being true i only wanna be with you
solo con tigo quisiera que you fuera para ti mas que un amigo

i dont know what to do since you walked out the door i fell like you dont care any more but im still hear to show you that i care and that for you ill always be there, hear, anywhere

yo siempre voy a estar aqui esperando te aqui
i dont know...its weired i never thought i get stuck on just one girl but i know your the girl i need for my lonely world cuz your beautifull and smart...your the one that i have very deep within my heart

baby look straight into my eyes you will find this lonely vato aint telling you no lies im being sincer
how i wish you were sitting right hear next to me right by my side showing you how much i care my feelings for you i will never hide i know its hard fou you to trust me again

y es mi culpa la rege muchas veces y por eso te pido disculpas muchas veces te menti y por eso ahora piensas mal de mi pero desde que te fuiste yo me e cedado solo y triste porque tu despedida me abrio los ojos y yo vi que tu eres la mujer para mi y mi felizidad estar contigo te amo por eso te lo digo que dificil es pero haci lo decidiste haci tiene que ser

you know its hard to love someone that dosnt love you that dosnt fell the same way about you and theres nothing that i can do about it will you ever change your mind sometimes i doubt it when im with you you bring so much joy but when your gone im a sad lonely boy

i think of you when were apart and it brings so much sadness to my heart babydoll how i wish i had you once again in my arms so you can fill me up with all of your charms and when i hear your voice i get exided

its a feeling deep inside and i cant hide it and when i see you i wish i could just hold you i get so happy cuz your right hear infront of me looking at you beutifull face and your beautifull smile
your just so devine im sad cuz its just for a little while i wish i had you all the time babydoll i wish once again that you could be mine

[Ese Moska]
yeah thats right babydoll im just heat showing you once again how much i care for you and what you mean to know your very special and its hard for me you know cuz i cant have you the way i want...always with me and its something that i have to deal with you know but just know this...that i really care about you and your alwyas in my mind...te quiero desde el primer dia en que te vi...te quiero solamente a ti

[verse 2]
babydoll im being true im telling you this with tears in my eyes

they say a man aint suppos to cry but you and i both know thats a lie cuz you not being hear is a good reason why and im not going to stop trying to show you how much i care
how much you mean to me i know one day ill wake up and itll be a reality

you and me together forever for eternity
all i ask is for a change give me the opportunity to give you happyness and pure romance fall in love for the first time

fall in love and say youll be mine ill be hear esperando con el corazon en la mano
no hay sufisiente palabras para describir lo que siento por ti

nomas espero que un dia digas que si...desirte que te amo, que te quiero
to say i love you is all i can say i love you babydoll...i love you

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