Lyrics to To Run
To Run Video:
i showed up at her door
no gifts or explanations for
the way that i'd been actin
father time just kept on passin
i tried to kiss her lips
she said, let's put an end to this
a simple overreaction
it sent my head into a backspin

i don't know where to run

she was a teenage girl
i made sure to promise her the world
spend money fast as lightning
anything just to keep her smiling
my voice was all she heard
sentences filled with empty words
oh i thought i was so clever
never knew that our line would sever

i don't know where to run
i don't know where to run
i, i have nowhere to run

i wake up on the floor
my head replays that closing door
my heart won't stop rewinding
inside clocks all out of timing
she starts to disappear
they'll be no turning back from here
when all is said and done
and i begin
to run
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