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Lyrics to To Live For Love
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The sun fills up the room
embracing you with light
and you feel save and warm

darkness disappears
and everything ist bright
as you turn to meet the dawn
flames will met the ice
you feel the fire burning inside
emptiness and grey
gone and far away
when you hear the melody
heaven sings the song that you feel

To live for love
means you`ll never die
to live for love
for all of your life
you´ll see
forever´s here to stay

now sometimes love will lend
and stay with you for all of your life
mhhh sometimes a love that´s lend
a warmer grave romance
and you want the melody
heaven sing the song that you feel


hand in hand with you
living our love forever
and we fly as far as we can dream
everything we share
the tears and all the laughter
when i´m with you
i know it´s love i feel

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