To Feel Cozy Surrounded By Cats Lyrics

Dr Manhattan

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Lyrics to To Feel Cozy Surrounded By Cats
To Feel Cozy Surrounded By Cats Video:
It's been an hour and you never felt more alone
And it's clear that you never really made it home
Despite the speeches the secrets make it quite known
And the glory's all your own

Leave us and stay on the phone
It eats us to see your knees down to the bone again
The owner's got to move on

Set to devour like a clock set to carry on
But it's fear that's been keeping you from coming home
You've got the reach and the secrets to make it alone
Take a bow that's all your own
One plane ticket solidifies your goodbye
Despite expectancy and efforts put forth to try
And fill the void that never really was there

Put on your best suit
This parade's for you
Dressed in press we hang our heads for you

Take a side, take your eyes off emotion first
When you're ready we'll be here to give you the worst
It's coming out, what we talked about
Kill the part of you consumers like to read about

Can I call you out?
Last time you pulled out
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