To Eat The Heart Lyrics

Accidental Suicide


Lyrics to To Eat The Heart
To Eat The Heart Video:
Thirty one years in the making
trails of littered dead
from ohio to wisconsin
his trophies are their heads
at eighteen years of age
he made his first kill
invite him in for a beer
leave him never will

dominant thrill
defy the weak
the addicting kill
stench horrid odor
rampant in his room
if his walls could talk
theyd tell tales of doom

littered limbs
scattered room to room
asystole fibrilation
to remove
the victims soul
hopes of consumption

his molesting as he drugs
crying slowly close your eyes
bloody soaked smelly rugs
now is time for you to die

gays minorites
satisfy his morbid kill
in his refrigerator
body parts he chills
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