Lyrics to To Dream
Too much to dream, feeling temporary
The thought is fucking scary, I fight the voices chanting Jerry, Jerry
If they don't want me to make it, I'll make it legendary
If they just want you to fake it, they ain't a visionary
So let me keep it very very extraordinary
I'll bring the heat, with the flow colder than February
Hit up to your path that carry one and then I'm Tyler Perry, now excuse me while I put this beat in the obituary
Bitch you worry gone, as good is gone
Wake up at dawn
One day I fucked with mourn, like they need it after bomb
If they tell me I'm the shit that they want it all along
Would I still feel like the king, and the bishop, and the pawn?

But while they been sleeping, I've been scheming, I've been building rocket ships to put my team
And start the countdown cause we're leaving
Everybody take your seats, Hi this is your captain speakin'
Stay woke and stay dreamin'

Is it too much
Is it too much
If it's too much to dream
Is it too much
Is it too much
If it's too much to dream

Oh what I time to be alive
Everybody pick a side, toe the line, read the vibes, read the room, read the signs
Read the energy and tides
Feel the people posting for pennies, power, pussy, and pride
Can we just be easy, are you down on me
Make a scene at the crossroads through the fire
Oh, is it all a little bit too much

To dream
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