To Detonate And Exterminate Lyrics

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Lyrics to To Detonate And Exterminate
To Detonate And Exterminate Video:
The bodies of millions pile atop the splintered streets of a now rotting metropolis.
Ignorantly drowning in the flames and fumes fabricated by their own doing.
As their lives smolder and ignite their faces steadily ripen with immense pleasure.
Self-execution comes with victory, self-mutilation comes with utter success.
Their perception flickers within the glowing and ignited landscape as they gaze toward the once populated soil.
The nations flag cloaks the impure fallen militant bodies, fraudulent celebration of integrity.
The hordes of the serpentine lord infantry march and butcher the remaining living.
Nuclear warfare ticks down as the sirens resonate through the ears of the moribund.
Detonation! Extermination! The fragmented shell diffuses and erupts
A conflagration of infernal horror
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