To Avalon (The Gulags) Lyrics

Matt Olsson

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Lyrics to To Avalon (The Gulags)
There is water, starting to freeze, I am thinking back, to days better than these. There is silence, broken by, the beating wings of a bird in flight.

And I am only singing if someone will listen. I am too tired, too upset, to be ignored. But there's nothing but deaf ears a hundred miles in all directions. Deaf, dumb and blind they are, I know that much for sure.

You see now if there's something out there that I haven't yet discovered, it's why everyone forgets you when you're broken down and hollow. Or why the winter comes when the trees all look their best, or why the truth about those you love is so damn hard to swallow.

Oh Avalon, oh Avalon, oh Avalon, I'll swim if I have to.
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