Lyrics to TMNT Mask
TMNT Mask Video:
I think I'll go sit by the river
just to get away for a while
like jumping off of the water
and time, it aligned, is swirling and swimming
clouds rolling over themselves
twisting and boiling and growing out of nothing
the hills bitten off at the edge
and the whiskers and the tails
running round
running running round

I think I'll go sit by the river
Just to get away for a while
Listen to the conversations
eavesdroppin on the whiskey jacks and wax men
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask
sunk into the rocks plastic face half buried
the stone bottom bumps out a rhythm
it sings the same song
that its always been singing

think i'll go sit by the river
just to get outside of my mind.
i'm wishing i could stay here forever
but the river won't stay that long,
its moving on.
Shopping cart stuck on an island,
stranded in the middle getting hotter and thirsty
not really moving just waiting
for this water to rise up again
and pull me along

(Thanks to Puffer for these lyrics)
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