Lyrics to Titan
Titan Video:
Walk 5 feet above the mountian,
The landscape remains
the same.
Walk 5 feet below the ground,
The landscape is unchanged.
I know my home's eroding,
The mountian rise again.
I've seen the ocean rising,
only the stones remain.
I've heard the Titan stirring,
I don't know who to blame.

This water tastes like wine.
This water tastes like turpintine.

I didn't travel all this way
Just to leave a trail of
tears behind.

I didn't travel all this way
Just to leave my hands and
nails behind.

I didn't travel all this way
Just to drag a tail behind.

Everybody prays that
The rain wiill shatter the dam.
The water will turn
the moarter to sand.
The engineers have done
All they can
but we're damned.

Little lost lamb,
I've done all I can,
The barn door has blown shut,
And the brook is rising up.

To move,
To breath,
We must chreish these.
We have these things like feet.

The townies saw a monster
But the monster saw a man.
The coronor's report found a
flower in his hand.
Before pitchforks and torches
Ferdinand made his last stand.

The farmer dropped his sword
And went back to his plow.
The children it had frightened
Were even more scared now.
The minister and mayor
told the people to be proud.

And when they went to bed-
They tossed and turned all night
But when the sun came up-
They never saw the light.
And when the worms had
finished them.
They knew that they were right.

This mountian has
A mind of it's own.
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