Lyrics to Tired Pleas
Tired Pleas Video:
I'm sorry I'm not a bucket of fucking rainbows all the time.
Sometimes I forget that you're fucking perfect.
Tired of these tired pleas that infiltrate my mind.
Tell me was it ever really worth it?
Oh I thought about it once and I cried about it twice.
And I took one thousand vicodins and stayed awake all night.
And this desperation's clinging to me, ringing in my ear.
It's getting louder, but I don't wanna hear.
I don't wanna hear it.
I feel like I've been dead.
Lights on inside my head.
Been so fucked up for so long, but I don't think about it now.
Got a cloud over my head and it's closing in.
It tries to catch me, but I won't let it. God, I want a cigarette.
The war is over, nothings left. Oh god, I want a cigarette.
I want a fucking cigarette. I'll take a walk instead.
My life's a war against some little dudes inside my head.
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