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The Rangers

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Lyrics to Tippin On My Dick
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Tippin on my dick
Tippin tippin on my dick

I'm in the party with my jeans to a sag
If a girl wanna dance then she gotta be bad
All the hoes on my head like a rag
One hand on my drink
And another hand full of ass
Got a bad bitch dancing on me
Make a nigga have to come up out my skinnies
I'm on the wall
And she twerking on me
Got me hard in the pants
Make a nigga buzzing like a bee
Ha, and they call me yt
Double g p r is the name of the team
Spank ceejay
And my nigga dayday
Frank, julian
And my brodie lang lang
Nifty can't forget about me
The mouth hit the ground when they all see me
And the ladies see me
Ten seconds later and they tippin on me

Tippin on my dick
Tippipn tippin on my dick

Okay, yammion on all niggas
Killing your flies like spider webs
Money over bitches
You pigeons get no bread
Fuck what you thougt
You can get dick heads and the cocks off that sock
Swag out mag man think out the box
Me I stay fitted even tank tops the box
Your niggas can't jerk power rangers go get em
And we stay up in our fashion like fidem
Tippin on my dick that's bouncin on my balls
You'll mize beleive me my mouth pice raw
And in the function well get in the backseat of the car
And get this pussy wet like niagra falls
I'm a pretty swell guy
With a pretty swell stroke
I put it in and take it out
We playin hokie pokie
Then I let her slurp on my liquifid dopeness
Then I disapper like hocus pocus
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