Lyrics to Tiny Robots
Tiny Robots Video:
I left for outer space to see if I could fly. Found myself on the planet Earth with no real reason why. Build me a rocket! Don't build it slow. I'll leave this planet behind, into the future I go. I'll say â??Helloâ? to the Boogeyman. I'll leave this planet and return again.

I can't wait for NASA. I want to go into outer space before I get too old. And if I wait for very long I'll find myself an old man with all my chances gone.

If you want to rock-n-roll with me you got to build yourself a ship to cruise this galaxy. Tiny robots, laser beams, space invaders are living my dreams.

If there was a time when space was new, it must have been way back in 1962. If I could travel around the world I'd leave this planet behind in a cosmic tilt-a-whirl.
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