Lyrics to Timorous Me
Timorous Me Video:
Me and Johnny sitting in the green grass.
I don't remember too much from that far back in the past
but "man oh man" was how Jonathan laughed
in those days.
Apparently he was my very best friend.
We spent warm summer days wishing they would never end but I only know from photographs that I only get every now and again.
Telling me.
All he left us was an apple tree
and oh where'd it go
and oh where'd it leave,
oh why do I grieve?
Now I don't ever see Jonathan no more
but my life rolls on just like a death before.
And I only wonder what it is that I even miss him for?
Me and Timory holding hands.
I was shaking her's cause she said she was a fan.
There was an awkward pause and something that should have began
just past us by.
But I watched her sing along with every word
in the prettiest voice that I never heard
and I still say I can't so where am I shine right there? Timorous me.
All Timory left me was a memory
and oh I was blind
and oh now I found that I can't see.

Now me and Jodie spent a lot of our time
just sitting in silence
driving late at night.
Maybe you could wonder what's on each other's minds
this time.
But I know she's like me so I let it ride.
She's crawling in her quiet space left behind.
Now only peace can answer why you abide to burst my sky.
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