Lyrics to Times We Shared
Times We Shared Video:
Sticking together, me and you

There for each other, its what makes us true

Where will we be down the line

All i know is that these times will stay inside

of me, held close to my heart

i'll never lose touch from where it starts

its starts with me, with me and you

we may stray away at times

but i have no worries that you will leave me behind

even when it seems your not there

I can just think about the times we shared

together as one, like wolves in a pack

I will never turn away, i will never turn my back

From, the times that we shared

The times when we cared

About each other and the way we felt alive

those memories can't be worn away not even over time

our friendship might not be forever but the times we shared are

etched in your soul forever its a life long scar

that stays inside of you til the end

those memories can't be taken away from my friends

my friends....
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