Lyrics to Times To Remember
Times To Remember Video:
good times are brought back in my mind the things we used to do spending every second of my free time every second with you driving down the highway the sun in your face your smile brighter than the sequins on your dress making these memories these memories of us this i know i love you i can see you dancing you're on top of the world you are so beautiful baby you're so beautiful to me i lay here watching the stars and dreaming of you late night departures are left in my mind i don't like this absence of you i'm seeing your eyes as i drown in their depth they're softer than the oceans are blue soaring through the years as if we own this world but everyday there is something new baby i want you so bad tonight my whole world revolves around you i get lost within your smile we have our fights but they last only a while with you i am so happy love is overflowing from me

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