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Lyrics to Times Of Trouble
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When the spoon is hot / And the needle's sharp / And you drift away / I can hear you say / That the world in black / Is upon your back / And your body shakes / So you ditch away / And you close the shades Don't try to do it / Don't try to kill your time / You might do it / Then you can't change your mind / You've got a hold on to your time / Till your break through these / Times of trouble When you try to talk / And the words get hard / And they put you down / Don't you stay / Don't you ditch away I saw you swinging / Swinging your mother's sword / I know you're playing but / Sometimes the rules get hard / But if somebody left you out on a ledge / If somebody pushed you over the edge / If somebody loved you and left you for dead / You got to hold on to your time till you break / Through these times of trouble

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