Times Have Gone Lyrics

Greg Laffargue


Lyrics to Times Have Gone
Times Have Gone Video:
No more hours waiting for my turn, times have gone
No more nights spent staring at the moon, times have gone
I have to stop showing indifference whenever i feel alone, times have gone
And letting emotions slide on my skin like rain drops, times have gone
Walking round and around, i'm wandering about, wasting time until dawn, times have gone
I didn't pay attention to people who helped me not to trip and fall, times have gone

Tell me why can't we stop living with the shame, times have gone
We have only ourself to blame, times have gone
And now I think it will be better if we let life be the leader, time has come
In my North, in your South, in their East, in their West, living with one another,
time has come

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