Lyrics to Timeless
Timeless Video:
It's not riches or gold
nothing that is sold could hold me down
It's the time with you i need,
your presences in the breeze that holds me down

You're timeless and priceless.
at the thought of you I'm weak,
how could someone such as i hold you.
with your knowledge of my past
all the lies and the maps
you choose me still...

you're gracious and patient...

I know the sun will slowly fade
to the ground to once it came,
I lie and sleep until i wake to find you.
I can not promise i wont trip
but when I fall, remember this...
everyday I reach my hands out to you!

because you're timeless...
and priceless,
you're gracious! and patient..

(Thanks to Ramzi for these lyrics)
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