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J Minus

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Lyrics to Time To Grow Up
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it's time to grow up
at least that's what they've said
'cause this ain't the life that they want us to live
and why the hell did they portray this to us?
then they turn away
let our dreams start to rust
under their breath
under their skin
they knew the whole time we could not win
we never knew that life would begin
by breaking us down then breaking us in
now it is time to grow up
no one is pulling for you
now it is time to give up
no one is crying for you

now I am leaving
the time of the season
is this why I came here?
is this what you needed?
I wish you could see that it's time to believe in your son

it's time to grow up
it's time to move on
it's time to believe that your hopes are all gone
how could this be?
that something so strong
our meaning of life means nothing at all
maybe they sat alone their rooms
dreaming of this not intending on you
maybe they thought that they'd be the ones
to realize dreams not pass them to us

no one can live again
your dreams will never mend at night
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