Lyrics to Time To Be Me
Time To Be Me Video:
So you think you're gonna cause a splash
You're gonna make some cash
You're gonna open every door
With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face
Everything's gonna fall into place
You're so sure
And you take whatever you can while you sit at home making your plans
And if you ever gave a damn, that was long ago, it's over and done
Now you think about number one

Now it's time to be me, that's all you ever shout
But you never do anything about it
Now it's time to be me, I hear it every day, it's easy to say
But life gets in the way

You ring me up when you've had a smoke
With your crazy ideas you're just full of coke and hot air
A winning smile is all you've got
But you ain't got a brain and you ain't got a pot
Don't you care?
You're always home watching sky T.V.
Or down the pub poncing drinks off me
Telling everybody what you're gonna be
Well I've had enough you lazy sod
Get off your arse and get a job

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