Time run like a freight train Lyrics

Eric Andersen

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Lyrics to Time run like a freight train
Time run like a freight train Video:
Outside the rain is falling, the doorways all are filled
With all whose lives just move so slow, leaving only space to fill
Oh, the rain is making patterns now on my windowsill
Of those who never asked to die and were too afraid to kill.

Time run like a freight train, won't you take me down the line;
There's so much much I can never say of the ruins left behind.
Oh, my pockets they are empty, there's so much on my mind.
Time run like a freight train, and take me down the line.

Pamela was anxious I kept her waiting long.
She asked me for a symphony, I only gave her songs,
But I'm weary of these petty wars, I long for perfect sin;
When gravity was my lover and silence was my friend.


But Lila does not care for chains, prefering wind to stone;
Her hungry thighs they sing for me, her mouth moves like a poem.
We've loved in green desire's light so careful not to bruise,
All the secrets we so finely spun, knowing neither likes to lose.


So gather all your shattered mirrors, I'll take them willingly
To the peddlers and the auction men who will trade them all for dreams,
For there's nothing left but mercy now for you the one-armed thief;
The poet who pawned his mystery in turn for some relief.

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